Are you lost or short on time when it comes time to updating your website or online store? You shouldn’t have to figure out how to log onto your site and perform security/plugin updates or edit your product data. You have more important things to do.

I have over 10+ years of experience working with all sorts of websites, including WordPress and even old HTML/CSS sites.

I can help edit content, optimize your pages for increased visibility or simply help with photograph changes/editing. The choice is yours!

Easy Website Updates

Here are my top requested services:

  • Security checks and plugin updates on WordPress sites
  • Website performance and security scans, as-needed
  • Back-up configuration and monthly backups
  • eCommerce website support
  • Digital product creation and placement on websites
  • Paypal and payment gateway assistance
  • Product updates, including adding/changing images and editing text/pricing
  • Graphic resizing, cropping and renaming for optimal experience
  • Page and post optimization for increased search engine visibility
  • Blog scheduling and styling
  • Blog comment moderation
  • Integrating third-party plugins
  • Inserting and styling page or post content
  • Setting up and configuring podcasts on WordPress
  • Population projects
  • WWW name changes, transfers and registration
  • Hosting assistance

A Quick Note – WordPress Security Is No Joke

Every so often, WordPress releases security, theme and plugin updates that you need to apply to your site. If you aren’t keeping up with them, you’re putting your business in jeopardy.

By not applying these patches, you aren’t only opening your site up to hackers, but you increase the potential for compatibility and display issues by ten-fold.

Part of the reason I offer this service is so my Clients don’t have to worry about keeping up with the monthly checks and updates. I completely take over your site and apply updates and security patches as they come out. This ensures your site is safe and updated immediately.

Back-Ups Are Also Critical!

WordPress site or blog back-ups are absolutely critical when you’re constantly updating your plugins or WordPress security. These can be lifesavers if anything goes wrong.

I can help you set, maintain and update a back-up during this process.

Safeguard Your Site Now

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